3 Reasons To Consider A Home Extension

Home extensions are an excellent way to not only add value to your London property but also improve your at home lifestyle. Here are three of our tops reasons for why you should consider a home extension today.

1. It Creates Additional Space

A bigger home often leads to a higher valuation, which is why home extensions are one of the preferred methods used by developers to quickly increase the value of a property. Whether you’re looking for an extra room due to a new addition to the family or a new space to entertain your friends, a home extension can be a win-win investment.

2. The Numbers Speak For Themselves

According to a study conducted by the National Building Society, the scope and the scale of the extension reflects how much value is added. For instance, the addition of a double bedroom with the size of 13 square metres is expected to add as much as 12% to the value of the property. Adding floor space alone can help to boost the value of your home by as much as 5% and let’s not forget unused spaces such as lofts and basements which can often be easily converted into additional rooms once planning permission is granted.

3. It’s Less Hassle Than Moving Out

Moving home can be a massive hassle. Adding value to your home with an extension is beneficial not only when you plan to sell but even if you plan to stay. Rather than putting up with the paperwork and logistics involved in moving out, a better idea would be to consider creating the home your desire where you currently are. Don’t forget, adding an extension to your home can often be significantly cheaper than buying a new house altogether once you consider all the additional fees involved.

Start your home extension today with My Building Services Ltd. We can offer you free insights in to what can be done to your home to maximise the use of your space as well as a free quotation so you can decide if it’s a worthy investment.


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